Vietnam International Advertising Equipment and Technology Exhibition – VietAd 2019 – Hanoi

VOV.VN – VietAd and VPSE 2019 has displayed and introduced the biggest advertising equipment and technology exhibition in Vietnam ever. 
Vietnam International Advertising Equipment and Technology Exhibition (VietAD 2019) and Vietnam International Printing and Packaging Exhibition (VPSE) have officially opened this morning (March 20th) in Ha Noi.
The exhibition attracted more than 500 booths of both domestic and foreign enterprises.
nhieu cong nghe moi hoi tu tai trien lam vietad va vpse 2019 hinh 1
Customers visit and learn the technology in large format spraying at the exhibition
With VietAd and VPSE 2019, the organizer would like to display some specific advertising equipment such as Digital printing; Led technology; Advertising equipment, materials, and gifts; Advertising and Communication services; Packing and Label Printing equipment and machinery; Printing materials and chemical; Packing and Label Printing services; Packaging technology…
According to the Organizing Committee, the combination of these two exhibitions have a strong connection in term of advertising and printing. This is the chance for domestic and foreign enterprises which are specifically work in advertising, printing services to meet up, exchange to cooperate and develop.
Besides, following the expectation of the Organizing Committee, there will be more than 10.000 customers that are organizations, enterprises, and individuals relate to the advertisement, printing field. Including business units, import-export units, service providers, agents, and distributors as well as a wide range of domestic and foreign investors and researchers.
Within the exhibition, there is also a seminar program on taking advantage of integrating and developing the printing industry, with the participation of speakers and guests who are leading experts in the field of printing; promising to bring useful information for participated customers. 

Nguyễn Quỳnh/VOV.VN


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