Opening of the VietAd 2023 exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City

On August 16, the 13th Vietnam International Advertising Equipment and Technology Exhibition – VietAd 2023 officially opened in HO CHI MINH CITY in order to create bridges and trade connections for domestic and foreign advertising enterprises to meet and exchange, promote brands, transfer technology and expand markets...

Lãnh đạo Sở Công Thương TP.HCM, lãnh đạo Hiệp hội Quảng cáo Việt Nam cùng các doanh nhân nước bạn Lào, Malaysia... tham quan triển lãm VietAd - Ảnh: BÔNG MAI

Leaders of the Department of Industry and Trade of Ho Chi Minh City, leaders of the Vietnam Advertising Association, and businessmen from Laos and Malaysia exhibition. VietAd exhibition.

The advertising industry is associated with the development of the market economy and the trading of goods and services. With new scientific and technological achievements, advertising activities are more and more exciting and plentiful. Advertising appears in many places, manifested in many forms, through many channels and means, is economic activity and at the same time the cultural creativity of people.

Máy in 400 triệu đồng chốt ngay tại triển lãm máy móc công nghệ quảng cáo Việt Nam ảnh 1

VietAd has proven the attraction of the largest advertising equipment and technology exhibition in Vietnam after 13 successful attempts, becoming an annual event in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are recognized by the Global Exhibition Association (UFI) as exhibitions of international standards.


VietAd Exhibition 2023 in Ho Chi Minh City has a scale of 300 booths, organized with the goal of continuing to build a trade bridge for domestic and foreign advertising enterprises to meet and exchange, promote brands, transfer technology, and expand markets. The exhibition brings together many advanced pieces of machinery, equipment, and technology in the advertising industry:
Advertising machinery: advertising printers, cutting machines, CNC machines, sculpting machines, welding machines, letter bending machines, thermal bending machines, vacuum machines, grinding machines, presses, polishing machines, laminating machines, automatic dies...
Led technology: led screen, transparent led, led module, led wire, led advertising, led source, led control circuit...


Equipment, materials, advertising gifts: printing ink, glue, decals, metal letters, luminescent letters, infinity light boxes...
Printing and advertising services: advertising design and printing, outdoor advertising, braille processing, advertising 3D paintings, electric paintings, ultra-thin picture frames...
Coming to VietAd 2023 in Ho Chi Minh City, visitors will experience a variety of new technologies and new products: high-resolution printers, high-speed printing, large-format canvas printing, automatic bending and welding machines, hand-held heat transfer presses, laser technology to cut and engrave a variety of metal and non-metallic materials, linear mica cutting technology, 3D led technology, transparent led screens, led screen controllers with the ability to manage up to hundreds of millions of pixels, infinity light boxes, super glue to withstand all weather conditions,...


Some brands were displayed at the the VietAd Exhibition 2023 – Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City: Epson, Mimaki, Hp, Konica Minolta, Goqled, Huycnc, Brother, Taluma, Mimage, Ricoh, Thnjet, Blue Print, Gongzcheng, Docan, Incp, Dmais, Locor Latex, Locor, Handtop, Hapond, Allwin, IT.S.T.S, Nocai, Gold, Pantone, Nine, Crystal, X-Roland, Ad Mart, Hy, Sunthinks, Taimes, L&Q, Dong Viet, Avery Dennison, Gcc, Summa, Royal Sovereign, Stormjet, Kien Tre, Elight, Dpp, Chang 'an, Deahan, Inetrone, New Led, E-Power, Jinbo, Lby, Meanwell, Sid, Hoang Tan Admart, Dpp Printing, Topstar, 3m, Tan Tien Thanh, Fei Tian, Olfa, Hichem, Minh Long, Gkgd, Cuong Khanh, Bx, Mccal, Proton, Sunrise, Zeafee, Qihe Huajian, Kodak, Uvink, Dong Viet, Jia-Mei, Kedro, Wcoler, Avery Dennis...n,…

The event attracted about 300 booths to display the advanced machinery, equipment, and technology of the advertising industry, along with a series of new products and technologies. The event lasts from now until the end of August 18 and is expected to attract more than 10,000 visitors and experiences.
Source: Today's Times
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